Planning of the 2016 Festival is Underway.

Are you interested in being a vendor at the 2016, 17th annual Festival?

Please e-mail us on our “Contact Us” page.

Confirmed Vendors 2016

Please note we will endeavor to keep the vendor page updated as the Festival approaches

Sue Klapwijk                                                                     Art & Mushroom Growing Kits

Streamside Stewardship                                                            Information                                 cowichan-lake-stewards

Woosterville Mini-Llama Farm                                             Llama Products                                 woosterville

Lynn Williams                                                                               Jewelry

Jordan Maher                                                                             Fish Painting

Rosemary Danaher                                                                       Ceramics

Danusia/Wild West Mushrooms                                     Fresh & Dried Mushrooms

Shelley Ogden                                                                             Spice Blends                                   suttoncreekspiceblends

Cowichan Green Community Society                                       Information                                    cowichangreencommunity

Amanda Hodovick                                                                               Art

Jillian Stewart                                                                           Global River Days                            River Days

Ingeborg Woodsworth                                                                       Books

Regina Montag                                                                                 Preserves

truffleBev Maahs/Truffle Dog Co.                 Presentations of Truffle Dog Training





Vendors of the 2015 Festival

 Vendors / Participants in the 2015 Salmon and Mushroom Festival


Forest Spirit Creations  Art  forestSpiritCreations-logo50x66 forestSpiritCreations77x100


Bob Crandall


Salmon Enhancement Society



Woosterville Mini-llama farm and photography

 Woosterville Mini-llama farm and photography

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